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...the REAL DEAL women



Jessi Combs (the blonde) and Theresa Contreras (the brunette) are the co-creators of REAL DEAL.

The two met during the 2012 SEMA Business Womens Network (SBN) Ford Mustang all female build; the car was at Theresa's paint shop and Jessi swung by to help the process. It was right then they realized a mutual appreciation and respect for each other's passion to work, devotion to details, and drive to inspire. Both are steadfast in their skillsets and carry an air of assertiveness in all they set out to do... which is a lot... because in their minds, anything is possible!


Through the many projects and journeys they have tackled together, it became very clear they should share this lifestyle with others on a global level. It is their mission to motivate others in a way that breeds self-cofidence, breaking stereotypes, healthy decisions, hands-on training, creative development, potitive images, community involvement, and grabbing life by the balls. 


Follow along as we meet more REAL DEAL women and share their stories to help grow the sisterhood of these excentric and talented ladies. CLICK ON the galleries below to read evry one of their stories on: who they are; how they roll;

and what makes them... the REAL DEAL. 

more REAL DEAL women!
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