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Jessi Combs (the blonde) and Theresa Contreras (the brunette) are the co-creators of REAL DEAL.


The two met during the 2012 SEMA Businesswomen's Network (SBN) Ford Mustang all female build; the car was at Theresa's paint shop and Jessi swung by to help the process. 

It was right then that they realized a mutual appreciation and respect for each other's passion to work, devotion to details, and drive to inspire. 

Both are steadfast in their skill sets and carry an air of assertiveness in all they set out to do... which is a lot... because in their minds... 


...anything is possible!

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Through the many projects and journeys they tackled together, it became very clear they should share this lifestyle with others on a global level. 

So in October 2014, when Jessi and Theresa were living their dreams out loud... 


...REAL DEAL was born!  


To revolutionize the perception of skilled trades and women’s roles in them.


It is their mission to motivate others in a way that breeds self-confidence, breaking stereotypes, healthy decisions, hands-on training, creative development, positive images, community involvement, and grabbing life by the balls. 

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The fearless Jessi Combs was born for everything automotive. 


Her passion to get in the driver's seat, and behind the wheels, of nearly anything with a motor has led her through some amazing and worldly achievements. 


With a degree in custom automotive fabrication, Jessi has inspired millions with her build skills on TV shows such as All Girls Garage, Mythbusters, and Overhaulin’, her award winning experiential series “The List: 1001 Car Things to do Before You Die,” and through community and educational outreach. 


Known as the fastest woman on Earth, the first “Queen” of the Hammers, and Ultra 4 National Champion, and a Baja 1000 podium finisher, she empowers many by simply leading by example. 


Her desire to show more women (and men alike) that they can build their ideas, go fast, get dirty, have fun, and still be feminine (and awesome), shines through everything she does in life.  


Jessi left this Earth setting a world record posthumously of 522.783 MPH on August 27, 2019. 



Theresa Contreras was born into an automotive loving family whose life mission is to provide quality custom work, actively give back to the community and work hard to play hard. 

Those formative years brought out the fearless soul in her; behind the wheel or handlebars of most anything with a motor, and the belief that she can achieve almost anything she dreams of. 


Life as a machinist, graphic designer, customer painter, as well as a godly wife and mother, proves her upbringing to be extremely influential. 


By combining her Cal Poly Fine Art education, hands-on auto body shop experience, and love of all things motorsports. 


Theresa found a true passion in life.  Her custom paint work has graced the SEMA show floor and cover stories of top magazines numerous times, has been seen in action on TV, and she continues to collaborate on massive projects with some of the best of the best in the industry. 


This motivational vigor resonates with all who are exposed to her beautiful drive for success.


Theresa continues to uphold Jessi’s legacy and their shared vision to grow Real Deal Revolution globally! 



Changing the world requires breaking stereotypes. 


To do that, REAL DEAL  has goals of expanding the Renegade network globally, laying the foundation for an online Creator Workshoppe University, and creating scholarship programs to encourage the next generation. 

Real Deal Renegades…

We are building a REAL DEAL community! 

Follow along as we meet more REAL DEAL women and share their stories to help grow the sisterhood of these eccentric and talented ladies.

CLICK ON the galleries below to read every one of their stories on: who they are; how they roll; and what makes them... the REAL DEAL.

(Links coming soon...)

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