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BRO4 - Sharing the trades with Babes

Our personal motos sitting in front of our "desert garage"

It's a little late, but the story must be told...

One of the first outings that Jessi and I did together was BRO 2. It was last minute, we were late, we weren't even sure of exactly where it was, but once we got there.... it was one of the best times we've ever had! Not only did we get to just hang out in the dirt, sleeping under the stars, hanging with ladies that love motos as much as we do, and the beautiful open land. We also had some epic rides through the desert canyons. And BRO 3 was even better!

What we knew is that we had to be part of this, in some way. A way we could give back and spread our message. A way for us to be in front of the babes to put our tools in their hands and go for it.

Theresa with Anya "nice girls club"

After meeting with Anya Violet in person to share our vision, it happened, and we were now going to be part of the BRO experience. Here is what Anya said about us...."When it comes to being "hands on", REAL DEAL girls take those words to heart. These ladies do not beat around the bush, they roll up their sleeves, and get to work on whatever task is in front of them. When they dream, they dream big... and when they go for it, they go for it all with the throttle to the floor. They are passion driven. They love creating with their hands. They thrive to run the wheel of almost anything that performs in any environment. They live for style, being involved in the process, and getting out there to see what life really has to offer."

Well, we planned on bringing just that to BRO4 in 2016, and I think we succeeded!

Jessi giving a metal shaping lesson to the babes

We were given an amazing space to share in, so Jessi started off with metal shaping lessons to the ladies and then went on to teach one on one demos with those who wanted to weld.

Needless to say, the ladies were stoked!

Jessi teaching babes welding techniques

On the other side of the "desert garage" Theresa was giving pinstriping lessons as well. She also striped a few ladies helmets too.

Theresa leading a pinstriping class

Theresa taking a pic with the babes after she finished striping all of their helmets

On Saturday the motolady was out in full force with great take aways at her leather demo. And Sara was helping us all weekend, especially being on the other end of that camera!

Hope you enjoyed us being out there, cause we're looking forward to going back for more!

Alicia, the motolady, setting up her leatherwork demo.

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