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Real Deal Revolution Renegade Brook Jensen

Today, it seems that everywhere you turn you can find women who embody the Real Deal Revolution Mission. They are young and old and everywhere in between. More often these days our young women are standing up. Standing up to the old ways of convention. Standing up and leading the way to empowerment. They are picking up tools, they are laying down rubber, they are breaking free of stereotypes and "revolutionizing the perception of skilled trades . . . . and women's roles in them".

They are the future and Off-Road Racer, Brook Jensen is just one such powerful female on the edge of seventeen.

The RDR crew caught up with Brook recently, sat down and asked some questions of this up and comer and here is what she had to say.

Interview from March 21, 2019

RDR: Brook thanks so much for being a part of the Real Deal Revolution and being a bonafide Renegade. We have enjoyed witnessing what you do behind the wheel and love what you stand for. Such an inspiration to females all over the map.

q: You have a lot of skill sets. Tell our readers what are they and which is your favorite.

Brook: Thank you guys so much for following me. It means the world to me that women as iconic as those who make up Real Deal Revolution are paving the way for my generation. To answer that question my favorite skill set that I like to use everyday, is being able to work on all my vehicles. It comes in handy when I'm in a situation and I know what and how to do it.

q: Wow that's a pretty tall order for someone your age. But it just proves that young or old the tools have no idea who is holding it! When did you know in your heart that picking up tools, racing off-road was what you wanted to do?

Brook: That's easy! Ever since I was little! My parents took me to the desert races in Barstow and my heart started racing immediately when the green flag would drop and they started racing. I knew then when I get older I would be a racer.

q: Describe for us your style.

Brook: My racing style is very aggressive but clean, I'm not afraid to get in the pack and push to the front. In the desert, I am clean and consistent, trying to keep the car together as well as keeping the right mind set.

q: Where does your passion come from?

Brook: My passion comes from my heart. I have an enormous drive to win, as well as the desire to make a career out of racing at the age of 16.

q: Sixteen years old, just on the edge of 17, that's a pretty tall order. One that you make look easy! Tell us what are your thoughts on women in the industry?

Brook: I absolutely love the aspect of women in the industry. Just because you are a women doesn't change what your mind is set to accomplish when it comes to your goals. When I put a helmet on I'm just the same as everyone else out there. There is no advantage, I'm a racer and that's all.

q: And a darn good one at that, Brook! Can you tell us what challenges you have come across being a girl in our world, if any?

Brook: There have been many challenges with being a female in the off-road community, but I don’t let them overcome me. One of the challenges I have had to deal with, is all in all, being a female racer people try to get into your head. They try and tell you that you can't drive better than the boys. I use stuff like that as motivation.

q: Wow, good on you. How do you feel your contributions make a difference?

Brook: I feel I try my hardest to make a difference in the industry, as well as the world, through positivity. This New Year I set a goal for myself and it was to become better than everyone meaning… kill people with kindness when they do the opposite. Don't let fear overcome me, stop the negative from day to day and be receptive and accepting to everyone. I recently started volunteering my time, 2 x's per week, helping kids one on one building their confidence in a social aspect, as well as a learning aspect. Also becoming a keynote speaker! I love to influence and be a role model for these young kids towards a bright future.

q: Holy moly Brook. What an outstanding example of empowerment. Tell us, what do you do for fun? I mean besides racing off-road? (LOL!)

Brook: I love the outdoors, camping, razor rides, hikes, the gym and being around my family and friends. But most importantly - I love to work on cars, bikes and anything I can approve my skills with being hands on.

q: Awesome. What can we expect in your future, Brook?

Brook: Well, I plan for is my racing career to take off. I’m 16 and looking for a sponsor to pick me up. I have taken myself so far in this industry and feel it's a lifetime job, as well as what I love.

q: Haha, did you hear that Sponsors? This girl, this Renegade is ready to take her career to the next level! I LOVE it. Finally Brook, what advice do you have for others wanting to be hands-on like you?

Brook: I feel my advice for others who would love to follow in my steps, is to never wait for an opportunity that may never happen. Go full throttle, all the way in and never let a dull moment make you stop. When you get turned away never give up! Life is going to throw things at you, big and small, but it doesn't mean they can stop you. Be you! Be humble! But most of all be the real deal!

We want to thank Brook Jensen for taking the time to share with us her life, her perspective, her hopes and dreams for her future. She is a bright star and definitely #therealdeal.

You can follow this Real Deal Renegade on Instagram at

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