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Going to BRO East?

We are so excited to announce that the ladies of Real Deal will be setting up shop at Babes Ride Out EAST June 1-3 in Narrowsburg, NY! We have been on such huge demand at past BRO events, we look forward to sharing our skills on the east coast! Make sure to stop by our booth onsite, pick up some tools and add a new skill or two to your resume!

There are ladies... and then there are REAL DEAL ladies. When it comes to being "hands on", REAL DEAL girls take those words to heart. These ladies do not beat around the bush, they roll up their sleeves, and get to work on whatever task is in front of them. When they dream, they dream big... and when they go for it, they go all in with the throttle pinned. They are passion driven. They love creating with their hands. They thrive to run the wheel of most anything that performs in any environment. With dedication to mastering their craft, they follow their passion without losing sight of the world around them. They don't just do things because it's cool, they do it because it's instinctual. It's like breathing. They live for style, being involved in the process, and getting out there to see what life really has to offer.

Real Deal is a dynamic collaborative of legit automotive and industrial women who aim to empower and educate others regarding the positive impact associated with design, speed, and grabbing life by the balls. These woman ride, wrench, wheel, race, and are heavily involved in the practice from start to finish line.

Jessi, with a degree in custom automotive fabrication, has impacted millions with her build skills on TV shows such as Overhaulin' and All Girls Garage, and holds titles from "Off-Road Champion" to the "Fastest Woman on 4 Wheels”. Theresa, has combined her fine art education from Cal Poly and her hands on auto body shop experience to collaborate with some of the best in the industry, with her work gracing the SEMA show floors and cover stories of top magazines. Together they join forces with other real deal ladies who contribute their success stories and skills for the world to experience that everything is possible.

The Real Deal ladies will be setting up shop onsite at BRO EAST to offer some basic training in MIG welding and pin-striping. This is the perfect opportunity to get some tools in your hands and try something new! These skills may help you build your next motorcycle, customize the one you have now, or expand your creative talents to new levels and open up possibilities. The goal is to get babes to the point where they want to customize their own bike and enter it into the RealDeal bike show during the events and eventually grow a woman’s class at all the biker events.

“We simply want to encourage and support women to get their hands dirty and truly feel that self empowerment that comes from the ability to handle anything on their own, in any situation, no matter where they are. In turn, this makes a difference in their community, large or small, purely through their never-give-up way of life rubbing off on those around them. It’s a very magical world we live in, RealDeal would like to share how fulfilling that awesomeness really is. After experiencing BRO for the last few years and understanding that the event is way more than just a bunch of moto babes camping in the middle of nowhere, we found it necessary to be a part something so real and on the forefront of empowering and morphing the way us women roll.”

Check out their website at for Real Deal merchandise, instructional workshoppes, blog posts on Real Deal women, and to follow their journey of inspiring more women to work creatively in the shop and play hard out on the track.

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