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Sara Price MX

The first time I met Sara was at a monster truck show years ago through a mutual friend when she happened to have an extra ticket to give me. At first, I had no idea who she was, what her skills were or that she was the Real Deal hiding behind such a pretty face. Over the years we have trained together, raced together and have become great friends with each other. Every time I am around this energetic ball of fire, I become more and more impressed with her knowledge and the way she carries herself. She moves with this sense of grace and beauty, yet with a confidence and a humor that balances her from a mystical being into a Real Deal unicorn. Not only can the girl ride and drive most anything with the greatest of ease and determination, she can also ride wheelies on a street bike on a dirt road with a guy on fire on the back of the bike... yes, it's true.

Ms. Sara Price is the Real Deal.

1. You have a lot of skill sets, what are they and what is your favorite?

Almost anything that burns fuel, from riding to driving, dirt to street... it's my passion... if it has an engine, I'm in!

2. When did you know in your heart this is what you wanted to do?

The first time I rode a motorcycle at 8 years old on Christmas morning when I got my first dirtbike! All hell broke loose and been a motorhead ever since!

3. Describe your style?

My style hmmm... on the track, aggressive, smooth & confident! Off the track edgy... from long days in the dirt, to a little punk rock vibe yet still liking to keep it girlie!

4. Where does your passion come from?

My dad used to race Baja in offroad cars while I grew up so always been around racing. When I started riding I knew that's what I loved and would give up anything to be one of the best and reach my goals! It's been one heck of a adventure!

5. What are your thoughts on women in the industry?

It's so awesome to see more and more women breaking the mold! Almost any series of racing has a woman in it these days, and these girls are stepping it up and even working on their own machines! I love it!

6. What challenges have you come across being a girl in our world, if any?

You have to earn your respect. For me, people think when a girl lines up on the starting line she is almost a joke, she is a girl and she is a girl they don't want to be beat by. Though after letting hard work do the talking, she is no longer looked at as a girl but as a competitor... no matter if she has boobs or not!

7. How do you feel your contributions make a difference?

Number one is always giving back, most of us wouldn't be where we are without the fans and supporters that have been with us every step of the way! It's because of them we can continue to succesed and follow our dreams. I always make a point to give back wherever and whenever I can! In fact, I have a visit coming up at Loma Linda Childrens hospital and man I love those kids! If I can make them smile and brighten their day and inspire them that's all that truly matters to me!

8. What's included in your fun time?

Anything with a throttle or is extreme!

9. What are your plans for the future?

Till I cant walk I'll be racing something, so continue that and hopefully have it take me around the world and see how other cultures fulfill there adrenaline needs. To be involved with the badass women revolution in motorsports however that may be, would make life an even greater adventure!

10. What advice do you have for others wanting to be hands-on like you?

Always be true to yourself! Break the mold and give back along your journey of being a radical female!

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