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Real Deal’s Custom BMW R nine T Motorcycle is a Speed-Inspired Naked Beauty

Jessi Combs and her stunning BMW R nine T

The BMW R nine T is a very cool motorcycle as it rolls off the Bavarian assembly line. However, an R nine T that has been modified by the creative and skillful hands of Jessi Combs and Theresa Contreras has a cool factor that is off the charts. The Real Deal co-founders unveiled their R nine T custom build at the 2016 SEMA show in Las Vegas

The Real Deal BMW was designed to match the wide twin engine, and yes, that's a K&N filter


Before we get to the custom Beemer, let’s talk about the bike’s impressive builders. Jessi is a multi-talented innovator, racer, and TV personality. Her degree in custom automotive fabrication is put to spectacular use on her wide-ranging vehicular projects. She is a land speed record holder, a Baja 1000 podium finisher, and a champion of other racing disciplines.

The seat adds to the retro-cool R nine T motif

The Real Deal BMW was designed to match the wide twin engine, and yes, that's a K&N filter

Theresa’s credentials are no less impressive. She holds a degree in fine arts from Cal Poly, but her talents go far beyond the theoretical. She is a graphic designer, a renowned custom painter, and a machinist. To cap it off, she has extensive body-shop experience.

Theresa Contreras works her body work magic on the R nine T

The R nine T provided a unique and exciting challenge for the multi-talented builders. “Building an R nine T was a unique build for the both of us,” Jessi said. “While we have built plenty of motorcycles, cars, and trucks, the wide boxer engine had us designing and building outward in order to give the bike a proportionate stance, rather than trying to slim it all up.” Clearly those are the words of someone with an acute awareness of design.

Fittingly, the bike has design roots deeply embedded in speed. After all, Jessi has earned the moniker, ‘the fastest woman on 4-wheels,’ having logged a record speed of 398 mph with a top speed of 440 mph. "We based the bike off of a land-speed inspired theme,” said Jessi, “The custom fabricated front fairing, the RSD hub adapter for the billet wheels, and Theresa’s custom paint seem to be getting a lot of attention.” Attention indeed. The bike is a show stopper.

Jessi Combs getting the metal bends just right

When asked about Real Deal’s use of K&N filters, Jessi was enthusiastic in her praise of what the products offer. “We use K&N on most of our projects,” Jessi said. The endorsement goes even farther. “I have them on all my personal vehicles. I’m not sure why anyone would have anything else!” As for the specific use of K&N filters on the R nine T, Jessi said that in addition to her trust in the performance and filtration benefits that K&N filters provide, there was also an aesthetic purpose. “On this bike we were able to get rid of the air box, so the K&N filters enhanced our ‘naked’ look.”

Fans of cool custom motorcycles are the true beneficiaries of the creative partnership of Jessi and Theresa. The R nine T build is a tribute to speed, character, and the raw beauty of performance. K&N is proud to be part of the magic!

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